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Mr. Robot is an American drama–thriller television series created by Sam Esmail. It stars Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson, a cybersecurity engineer and hacker who suffers from social anxiety disorder and clinical depression.
Alderson is recruited by an insurrectionary anarchist known as “Mr. Robot”, played by Christian Slater, to join a group of hacktivists. The group aims to cancel all debts by attacking the large conglomerate E Corp.



Socially inept Elliot Alderson works at cyber security company Allsafe. At night, he hacks social media, personal information, and bank records including those of his co-workers, therapist, and drug dealer.


Allsafe’s biggest client, E Corp, suffers a DDoS attack which Elliot stops. He identifies a file labeled fsociety00.dat, along with a text file asking him to leave the malware he finds hidden on E Corp’s server. Mr. Robot, the mysterious leader of the hacker group fsociety, contacts Elliot on the subway.


Fsociety plans a digital revolution by deleting all debt records and Elliot is invited to join their cause. He is intrigued and eventually agrees. As his first act of collaboration with fsociety, Elliot provides the FBI investigation into the attack on E Corp with an encrypted file falsely implicating E Corp’s own chief technology officer (CTO) as the orchestrator of the attack.


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